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Christine Hammersley - Homeopath and Kinesiologist and Reiki Master, Stone, Staffordshire


This is the website of Christine Hammersley, Homeopath and Kinesiologist.  Christine has been practicing Homeopathy since 2002 and Kinesiology since 2008.
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Doctors can often tell you what is wrong with you but I aim to tell you why you have your symptoms.

Let me just say this. I love my job! Watching people recover their health is a joy and I wonder why more people avoid trying an alternative when their current treatment proves ineffective. Then I remember myself. I did that! For years I took antibiotics for acne and painkillers for severe period pain.

So what changed my life? I got giardia - a nasty little bug that gave me runny poo! I'd had it for about three weeks before some of the mums at my playschool advised me to ask my doctor for a test. The test came back negative - as they do - and my doctor pronounced that he could not give me medicine for giardia when I clearly hadn't got it! Weak and cross I decided to consult someone who practiced an alternative kind of medicine. A Homeopath. She prescribed a diet of garlic, apples, plain white rice and charcoal and - guess what? That's correct - the runny poo cleared up. That was more than twenty-five years ago and just the beginning of my interest in complementary therapies and alternative medicines.

In September 1999 I began four years professional training at The College of Practical Homeopathy, Birmingham; gaining my Licentiate in June 2002 and registration with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, in November of the same year. At that time I accepted an invitation to enter private practice in Walsall, West Midlands. I now practice in an established, professional environment, in Stone. Homeopathy has given me the skills and confidence to help people to wellness and fulfilment."

During the 15 years that followed I earned Diplomas in Touch for Health, Classical Kinesiology, Leicester and a further Diploma in Health Kinesiology, in Nottingham.


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Is an alternative system of medicine for the treatment of diseases. It aims to treat symptoms of illness with preparations that are made from sources including plants, minerals and metals.

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