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Christine Hammersley - Homeopath and Kinesiologist and Reiki Master, Stone, Staffordshire


What can I do for you?

As a homeopath I treat ‘all’ symptoms.

My aim is to find out why you have yours.

By finding the cause you and I can look at bringing about a curative response that is not drug dependent.

A comprehensive consultation is included in the initial appointment to access your needs and to make a fully informed assessment.

Using Kinesiology (see below) it may be appropriate to test on a wide range of environmental pollutants, bacteria, viruses, foods. Homeopathics or herbs, flower remedies, nutritional supplements or changes to diet or lifestyle may be beneficial and appropriate.

HOMEOPATHY (ho.me.op.a.thy)

Homeopathy heals.

And there is plenty of evidence that shows it is effective.

Did you know that a wealth of healthcare professionals use homeopathy in their practices?

There are doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, podiatrists and vets trained in homeopathy all over the UK, providing the best care for their patients.

In fact, over 200million people around the world use homeopathy, and is available as part of the National Health systems of Britain, Germany, France, India and Brazil.

Who can benefit from homeopathy?

Everyone – people of all ages- from unborn babies to the elderly; men and women alike.

Dealing with yourself in a first aid situation is a rather different aspect of homeopathy and something we can all learn to do for ourselves. So, it may be difficult to know where to start on your own when the ‘first aid’ remedies fail to work. Those remedies haven’t failed, it’s just that treatment varies from person to person and depends on medical history. The facts are that long-standing complaints can take longer to treat as there may be more than one layer of illness to address. Practicing Homeopaths treat ‘the whole person’. This takes time and may take several sessions or follow-ups.

KINESIOLOGY (kin.easy.ology)

What is Kinesiology muscle testing and how does it work as a tool to gather information?

Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which aims to create and maintain health and well-being and is primarily preventative. It is truly holistic working with all aspects of the person: structural and postural, chemical and nutritional, and mental and emotional. It combines muscle testing, a range of energy balancing techniques and nutrition to re-educate the body/mind to function appropriately and bring all aspects into balance and harmony

Who can benefit?

Anyone of any age and in any condition.

Christine frequently uses Kinesiology muscle testing to endorse prescription.

A typical muscle test, in the picture using anterior deltoid, looks like this:

Muscle Testing

All muscle tests are performed in the same way. The muscle being tested is isolated from the other muscles with which it normally works and is semi-contracted. The tester pushes with about 2lbs pressure for about 2 seconds towards the extension while the person tries to match the tester’s pressure. The muscle will either lock in position strong, or give way indicating an imbalance.


Muscle testing is used in assessment. A muscle test can provide bio-feedback, a means of testing a person’s response to a specific stimulus such as food, a belief, a movement, a remedy, etc.

A series of muscle tests can assess the energy in the meridians of the acupuncture system and the organs and glands they energise. The acupuncture system is believed to be the interface between the physical body and the subtle energies and will reveal energy imbalances before physical symptoms develop.

Health Corrections

If a muscle tests weak it is retested in conjunction with a range of corrections to find out which one will change the response to strong. The indicated correction is then applied.

Kinesiology was developed by John Thie as a safe system for lay people and health professionals without manipulative skills to learn and share with others.

Many new branches of Kinesiology have developed but Kinesiology is the name given to any system or branch, which uses a combination of muscle testing and energy balancing.

In the medical sciences kinesiology is the study of the movement of the body.

A comprehensive consultation is included in the inital appointment to access the client's needs and make a fully informed assessment. The client's lifestyle, nutrition and current health issues are all taken into account to provide a truly holistic approach to well-being.

First appointments take may take from one to two hours.

All appointments are followed by an opportunity for feedback and guidance.


Initial consultation - allow up to 2 hours

Adults: £50

Follow up appiontments: £40

Children - Birth to 16years - initial consultation: £25

Prices include Homeopathic remedies

Additional Costs

The cost of any nutritional supplements, herbs, flower essences or organ support nutrition will be added to your bill at the end of your treatment, if supplied by me.

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Homeopathy Text

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