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Christine Hammersley - Homeopath and Kinesiologist and Reiki Master, Stone, Staffordshire


Reviews and testimonials from some of my clients. Please note these are the personal opinion of the clients concerned:
Over the last thirteen years myself, my husband, my son, my daughter, my grandchild and my sister have consulted Christine with many and varied conditions. Christine helped all of us, most with one or two visits, I on the other hand had suffered for many years, with very little help from my local doctor and consultants before seeking Christines help, therefore my treatment lasted many months. I have to say it was worth every visit and penny spent for all of us, me included, our health was A1 after completing our individual treatments.
I will give you an example. My grandchild was diagnosed with hayfever at a very young age. We went to Christine immediately, the treatment given lasted three months, NO MORE heyfever from that day to this ELEVEN YEARS later.
I have recently returned to Christine with a new condition, I have every confidence my health will be A1 again once my treatment is complete.
Joy Broughton - 01 February 2018

I was sceptical about homeopathy but was absolutely amazed at the effects. The professional and caring service provided at the centre was superb. Thanks!
A Dickson - Stoke-on-Trent

I don't know what I'd have done without you. I'm so pleased with the results because he looks so well. Because people don't believe in these things do they? It's hard to believe how well he is now compared to when we came in February. Nobody would believe it, would they?
Parent - Stone, Staffordshire

I was sceptical beforehand but having seen the results I'm now totally converted.
B Stubbs - Fradswell

Marvellous! it obviously works. You've got to try it to believe it. I went away thinking if this works I'll be amazed because I've suffered for so many years.
K Owen - Standon

A very big thank you for your advice regarding your homeopathy services and products; in my opinion, the results have been a complete success. Many thanks.
R E - Stoke-on-Trent

I made a decision to contact Christine after numerous visits to doctors over a two and a half year period, with no significant improvement regarding my daughter's health problems. After starting the treatment with Christine improvements happened very quickly including positive changes to her behaviour. Kind regards,
A D - Rugeley, Staffordshire

The above testimonials represent the personal views of the individual concerned.

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